I’m Andy, a “career sherpa” who can help you take the next step in your career.

I specifically work with driven, on-purpose people who would love to unite their work with their reason for being. (Most people have them separate.) 

If you’re saying to yourself, “I’m going to work… and after work, I have my life,” (and you don’t want it to be that way) then it’s you I’m speaking to.

I offer a simple yet potent process that serves professionals across the spectrum, from those just beginning to consider a career change to, “I’m done with this and want to move on!” when the noise and craving for something new is too loud to ignore.

You may not know how to navigate this transition, but you DO know it’s time to explore something new. If this sounds like you, and you’re open to guidance on how to design your career, isn’t it worth discovering what’s possible? 


Not sure what steps to take next?  My calendar link is below – I’m happy to listen to your questions and offer any guidance I can, whether we end up working together or not.

I offer a 30-minute Zoom call which can help you clarify your goals, and most importantly, why these goals are worth your time and energy.

Book a call with me via Calendly.

You can send me email too, if you prefer at:  moc.noyabydna@ydna

You can also learn more via the menu in the top right corner.  Looking forward to connecting with you!


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