"Inventure" Adventure and Career Guide Program Overview

It was January of 2019. I sat in a Quechua temple made of Guadua bamboo, listening to the rain pour down, soaking the Peruvian Amazon rainforest just feet from where I sat. It became clear to me that life is not a dress rehearsal.  To spend the majority of my time doing work that felt unfulfilling was simply no longer an option. I didn’t fully grasp it at the time, but I was being handed the keys to my own freedom, and the mantra was clear: go CREATE your life.

Soon after my awakening in the Amazon, it became evident that I would work with people willing to look within themselves. My late friend and mentor Dr. Jeff Salz taught me: going on an “Inventure” offers a window to discover what we are each capable of. This includes but extends beyond the work we choose to do in the world.

Both the Inventure and The Nature Effect, (the world available to us when we seek out a personal connection with nature) are now pillars of my coaching practice. We actually do have the capacity to remove our inner barriers to fulfillment and freedom. This process can open access to our own happiness and peace of mind.

Exploration of self and nature is the foundation of my coaching series, designed to guide others in realizing their innate creativity and “Truth,” both centered around cultivating a sense of inner wisdom. This ability to trust and “Know thyself” can help you stand strong in the face of life’s unknowns and challenges, and remind you how to embrace yourself, your relationships, and the opportunities that cross your path.

Here are my two programs designed to guide you in removing your barriers (seen or unseen) to creating YOUR life:

The Great Spirit “Inventure” Adventure

In-person or Virtual Adventure Coaching Series:

  1. In-person adventure one day trips or two day trips. These are transformative guided wilderness-based sessions that take place in one of four primary locations: Colorado, New England states + New York, (June through November only) Costa Rica and Colombia. The in-person segment, set in nature, will focus on a topic of your choice. This is designed to bring you clarity and ignite your creative capacities. 
  2. The virtual Adventure “Inventure” coaching sessions offer you a structure to explore this program from wherever you are. You will need access to nature.

Both programs are designed for you to benefit from an “Inventure” while you’re on an adventure, connecting on deep level with self and the natural world.

Creation: Look to an area of your life that you’re currently working through, or seeking clarity on. This segments provides safe, judgment-free listening and a fresh perspective. We meet virtually to co-create your intention(s) and plan the logistics for your Adventure “Inventure” as we set you up to explore nature as well as your own wisdom.

Exploration: Whether you choose the in-person or virtual program, this session is your “Inventure.” This is the heart of the work that we do together.

Integration: We break down and discuss insights, new awarenesses, and AHAs from your experience. This creative conversation helps you integrate your Inventure into your life, and propels you forward with tangible action steps which honor your journey.

Please be mindful that I don’t pretend to have all the answers, and I won’t try to “fix” you or the areas you choose to go to work on.

I will help steer you away from those moments where, like all of us, you can get in your own way. And from start to finish, I listen not for your limitations, but for your reason for being, your values, your intentions, and your unique gifts..

The 5 Phase “Connections” Process for Career Development

Discovery: creative conversations to help you clarify what you really want, and what steps to take.

Exploration: judgment-free listening guides your steps as we ditch any inefficient systems or beliefs holding you back from your goals and ambitions.

Matchmaking: value-driven matches between you and the organizations/missions out in the world which strike that chord of truth and meaning.

Connections: we engage those organizations through meaningful connections and thoughtful communications.

Performance: like the home stretch of a race, we prepare for the interview process and ground you in your values, vision, and how you communicate the breadth of who you are.

Not sure what steps to take next?  I’m happy to listen to your questions and offer any guidance I can, whether we end up working together or not.

I offer a 30-minute Zoom call at no charge which can help you clarify your goals, and most importantly, why these goals are worth your time and energy. 

Book a call with me via Calendly.

You can send me email too, if you prefer at: moc.noyabydna@ydna

You can also learn more via the menu in the top right corner.  I look forward to connecting with you!

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