Fresh out of college, I spent eight years of my life working for an insurance company.  Why? Because I had a great conversation with a woman at a job fair, and after my interview, this company happened to offer more money than the other job offers I received.  The step I missed was to actually to consider what I wanted to do.

The question, “What kind of work could I pursue that would be enjoyable and fulfilling for me?” wasn’t even on my radar. 

I left my insurance job after those eight years and have been running my own businesses for the last nine years, the last four running a variety of coaching programs.  Today, I offer in-person adventure coaching sessions in beautiful natural places, and virtual session where I help others find their Ikigai (reason for being) and then translate it into meaningful, lasting, and fulfilling careers.

This is me standing for you not spending your career doing something you arrived at in a chance, haphazard manner.  If you want to be intentional about designing your career, you’re in the right place. 

Apart from helping people take the next on-purpose step in their career, I also have a commitment for our future generations. I want our children, grandchildren and future generations to have a safe, healthy climate. For this to happen, we have to make some changes as a global society. 

For this reason, my vision is to partner with people and organizations around the globe to restore and protect our ecosystems, particularly our oceans and forests. 

On a personal note, I have a reverence for nature that leads me out into the wilderness as often as I can. I created “The Nature Effect” as a method for helping people connect on a deeper level with themselves and nature


Andy Bayon


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