Our Personal Nature Connection is My Why:

When I first glimpsed the Great Barrier Reef during my study abroad in Australia, it was clear my life would never be the same.

Swimming through schools of electric blue and curious yellow-striped fish, I found myself mesmerized by the corals that seemed to wave at me, swaying gently from side to side, expanding and contracting as if breathing. I knew at that moment that I would be an advocate for these delicate reefs around the world.

15 years later, I’m standing at the base of a towering tree in Yasuní National Park, said to be the most bio diverse place on the planet. The locals call this tree “Milionario” because no one knows how old it actually is.  This tree is so tall, and the lush green surrounding it so dense, that I can’t see the top.

“Milionario” tree in Yasuní National Park, Ecuador

It took almost an entire day via water taxi on the Napo River to reach Yasuní, as we would stop at tiny villages along the river where it seemed like everyone would come to see the boat arriving, little kids staring curiously, others waving as we arrived and departed. 

This pristine, virgin rainforest is protected from logging and extraction, allowing nature to flourish.  Yasuní is home not just to jaguars, sloths, grand cayman, toucans and approximately 600 other bird species, it’s also home to two un-contacted indigenous tribes of humans, the Tagaeri and Taromenane, who live within its confines.

Yasuní (in the Ecuadorian Amazon) is protected, but the threats to the biodiversity of surrounding virgin rainforest, and to the indigenous tribes that live here, are always on my mind.

Though our coral reefs are in dangerous decline, and our rainforests are increasingly threatened, I believe in the resilience of the human spirit. I believe I could be just one conversation away from a partnership that will enact lasting change on these habitats that have inspired my work and left an imprint on my heart. And I believe you too can make your imprint through the power of conversation – you just need to know how.

As naturalist David Attenborough says, I believe in a world where humans AND nature can thrive, and it’s time we get to work.

ARE YOU WITH ME?  Please find a time HERE that we can talk.