The Nature Effect™ Connections Career Guide

Career coaching services to serve you as you create and take the next conscious step forward in your career.


  1.  On-purpose job search resources
  2.  LinkedIn community-building and connection strategy
  3.  Interview prep
  4.  Exploratory exercises to define and deepen your “Ikigai” or reason for being
  5.  Creative coaching framework to find the nexus of your skills, professional experience, interests, personality, and intentions

WHO I WORK WITH: do you hear yourself in any of these scenarios?

🔹 You’re weighing the option of staying in your current job versus exploring new opportunities

🔸 You’re craving more flexibility and a work culture that honors you

🔸 You don’t know exactly what you want to do, but you sense that it’s time for something new

🔸 You’ve been “out of the game” for a while and feel some trepidation about the job search process

🔸 You have some ideas about what might be next for your career but aren’t sure where to begin

🔸 You believe it’s possible to meet or exceed your financial needs AND be deeply fulfilled by your work

🔹 You want to work in some capacity to help protect and preserve nature (not required, but welcomed!)


The Nature Effect™ Connections Process takes your skills, professional experience, desired direction, distinct personality and working style, and explores potential matches with organizations and opportunities that need this unique combination (you). If you aren’t crystal clear on any of these, not to worry. The first phase of this process helps you clarify what may still be a blurry picture.

The following four phases are designed to serve you as you we explore the organizations and opportunities which resonate with you.

As we move through the process, you have a trusted guide to keep you accountable to your word, and support you with systems and structures.  My intention is to help you transition into work that gets your out of bed in the morning connected to your gifts and the real difference you make.

Anyone can go find a job; not everyone is willing to invest in making that next career move a spectacular fit.  How important is an on-purpose, fulfilling career for you?