The Nature Effect™ Connections

  Connecting People and Planet
At the Nature Effect, we understand and honor our connection with the natural world. Though we do offer in-person adventures, the “Day Hike” and “Grand Expedition” packages below use trekking as an analogy for your journey.  Both of these programs are delivered virtually via video chat.

Day Hike

Like a Sherpa, I’ll help you prepare to climb the mountain (taking the next step in your career). We’ll sync up at base camp, making sure your direction is clear (your goals, intuitive hits, ideas, aspirations, and dreams). This exciting process also helps you avoid the pitfalls of going about this on your own with a trusted guide who knows these mountains well.  

If you feel as if you’re being called to explore your life purpose, and how that jives with your career choices, you’re in the right place. I’ve designed an exciting framework of conversations to guide you as you open up this inquiry.    

Wherever you are along your journey, you will have a trusted guide at your side, standing for you as you create the next chapter of your career. This is your mountain to climb, but you are certainly not alone.

The Day Hike package includes:

  • Deep-dive Discovery process to dive into and color in the picture of your purpose, direction, and Ikigai
  • Organizations & opportunities: think of me as your professional matchmaker between your skills, experience, personality, interests and desired direction, and the organizations who need what you’ve got.
  • Customized connection guide: creative templates for focused connection with organizations
  • One hour mastermind & coaching session each week (Zoom) plus text support

  • Guidance and teamwork in job application process

  • Performance coaching: interview prep


Grand Expedition

The Grand Expedition package includes everything in the, “Day Hike” package PLUS:
  • One-page summaries of organizations for you to review, or screen recordings of me reviewing and commenting on organizations/potential positions for you (you choose which you prefer).
  • Customized graphics and visuals demonstrating your skills, professional experience, training, interest, personality, and purpose. (I offer this so that you have easy-to-access visual reminders of your path as you contemplate and create this new, exciting chapter of your career and life). Though these are most importantly designed for your personal reference as a reminder of who you are and what you are creating, they can also be added to your website, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms as you see fit.
  • A deep-dive on discovering and living from purpose (what I call, “Truth”) in your professional and personal life.
  • In addition to performance coaching to prepare you to knock your interviews out of the park, we also take you through dry-run interviews on Zoom in order to simulate interview question and response.
  • Resumé and LinkedIn profile guidance and light edits, and LinkedIn strategy (as needed)
  • In-person, “Great Spirit” expedition and deepening of program in nature– in one of four locations (Colorado, New England, (June-October) Central America, (Costa Rica) or South America (Colombia).


The Nature Effect™ Connections

Career change guide serving successful yet unfulfilled professionals who want to feel truly satisfied in their work and their life


🔸 You’re weighing the option of staying in your current job versus exploring new opportunities 

🔸 You’re craving more flexibility and a work culture that honors you

🔸 You don’t know exactly what you want to do, but you sense that it’s time for something new

🔸 You’ve been “out of the game” for a while and feel some trepidation about the job search process

🔸 You have some ideas about what might be next for your career but aren’t sure where to begin

🔸 You believe it’s possible to make good money AND be deeply fulfilled by your work

🔸 You want to work in some capacity to help protect and preserve nature


The Nature Effect™ Connections Process takes your skills, professional experience, desired direction, distinct personality and working style, and explores potential matches with organizations and opportunities that need this unique combination (you). If you aren’t crystal clear on any of these, not to worry. The Discovery phase of this process helps you clarify what may still be a blurry picture.