The Nature Effect™ Connections

  Connecting People and Planet

Keynote Speaker and Breakout Session Facilitator

Key Topics:

1) Indigenous wisdom relevant to our modern world, especially with respect to healing and restoring our relationship with the earth and the species we share it with

2) Travel and Adventure: Inspired by my friend and mentor Jeff Salz, the consummate adventurer, I speak to audiences about how to see their life as the great adventure that it is.  I also help them explore the notion that they are the hero of their own story, and how this can be one of the keys to their own happiness and freedom

3) The connection between human nature and climate change.  This is an exciting conversation for any organization that is exploring the nexus of environmental efforts and social justice.

Infused in all of these speeches is my favorite speaking tool – Storytelling: I share stories about my most memorable experiences in nature, which have…

1) informed and guided my personal and professional path

2) instilled the knowing of the deep connection we all have with the natural world, something that unites us in an era where it’s easy to see the divisions between us.

Structure: Talks available in 45-minute keynote format, or in one-hour interactive breakout sessions


      • Certified Virtual Speaker (e-Speakers, 2020). (link)

      • Toastmasters International Advanced Communicator (Storytelling track)

      • Ignite San Diego featured speaker, 2016. (link)

      • Central Congregational church speaker series (2023)

      • Writer for The Nature Effect™  (link)