Here is what i can offer you:

Advisor to CSR & Sustainability Managers: I partner with CSR members and sustainability managers of impact-driven organizations. This is a marriage between your company’s success and the positive impact on nature and your communities. If you want to go to bed at night and feel good about your company’s impact in the world, we should talk.

I also coach CSR members and Sustainability Managers through the challenges of making an impact in their organizations.

If you feel like you’re being held back in the impact you want to have, I’ll help you go get what you need to thrive.

I can help you tactfully approach these critical conversations. My job is to help you navigate this complex landscape in asking your organization for what you need to excel.


Sustainability Policy & Communications: I work with sustainability managers and CSR teams to create and update their sustainability policy and practices. I can help your organization match its commitments with its vision and values.

Once you have your plans in motion, how do you most effectively share the story of what you’re doing, where you’re going, and what you stand for as an organization? As a writer and communicator, I’ll help you share this in a way that lands powerfully, clearly, and effectively with your customers and potential new customers.


Philanthropy: We can work together to select charitable initiatives that align with company values and invigorate shareholders, employees, and revitalize public image. My expertise and connections are with the organizations at the forefront of protecting our oceans, rainforests, and endangered habitats and species.

If you want your organization to play a role in the protection and preservation of nature like I do, let’s get to work!


The Nature Effect Consulting exists so as to help the actions of our organizations be consistent with what we’ve inherited… the miracle that is life on this planet.

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