Great Spirit Series

The “Great Spirit” wilderness-based coaching series is designed for us to benefit from an immense source of wisdom: nature. 

Whether or not you believe there is inherent wisdom in the natural world, it is a Truth that I am fortunate to know, and want to share with all who are open to it. The irony is that the clarity, deep awareness, and peace available in nature is really just a reflection of what you have awakened, or better yet, returned to within yourself.

The Great Spirit “Inventure” Adventure program is centered around a session in nature, where participants pick a topic or topics to explore as the basis of the Inventure. I offer both in-person sessions and virtual programs (see “Details” below for more).

I’ve practiced the contemplation structure that inspired the Great Spirit series for years. I’ve used it to sort out important decisions, reconnect with my intuition if I ever feel I’ve lost my way, and help dislodge myself from mental muck whenever I feel stuck.

Consider the Great Spirit “Inventure” Adventure if you are:

  • Seeking clarity or a fresh perspective on something, or looking to ignite your creativity
  • Facing a challenge, problem, or complicated situation which seems to be calling for your inner strength and courage
  • Sensing an aspect of self which needs to heal and/or rebalance
  • Looking to cultivate your intuition, and ability to trust your inner guide and deep-seated wisdom
  • Feeling frustrated in one of your relationships and would like to reconnect with and be with yourself in a distraction-free environment
  • Seeking a deeper cut at who you are, what really matters to you, and what you might like to do with this awareness
  • Open to exploring and rejuvenating your sense of awe, wonder, and reverence for nature, and life


These are just examples of what you could use an Inventure for, but hopefully you can sense the expansive world available to you with this structure.

Have questions? Not exactly sure how you might benefit from an Inventure? Schedule a call with me – I would enjoy meeting you, or reconnecting with you, and offering any guidance I can for you.

What’s an “Inventure”?

I use the term “Inventure” to honor one of my life’s greatest and wisest teachers, Dr. Jeff Salz. When I first started working with Jeff, we learned that though we both love adventures out in the wilderness, we agreed that life’s most enriching and worthwhile adventure is to go within to see who we really are, and what we’re capable of.

Solo Journey

This virtual structure allows you to participate from wherever you are. We meet via video chat to create your your Inventure journey in nature, then integrate your discoveries on the back end to serve your path forward.  

Journey with Andy

This interactive in-person series offers your nature-based journey in: Colorado, New England states + New York, (June through October only) Costa Rica, or Colombia (November through May).  We venture out together and dive into the intentions created in our first Discovery session.