The True Nature Trail

Serving young professionals struggling with anxiety and nerves before a presentation, interview, or significant life event.

The True Nature method guides course participants in learning how to generate a sense of calm and composure, enabling them to show up authentically and confidently excel in their endeavors.

True Nature Trail course overview 

This is a journey from self-consciousness and excessive self-criticism to self-confidence.  

Learn not to be thrown off your path and discouraged by your self-critical voice, which is rooted in fear.  

Instead, learn how to be guided by your true nature, which is rooted in self-love. Course exercises help you train your power source (your attention) to focus on your capacities and your commitment, not your doubts.

The True Nature Trail unwires judgmental thought patterns learned from past experience and from others, and replaces them with practices that help you cultivate calm confidence. In this way, participants learn to be their own self-advocate. 

This makes the big event or challenging situation significantly easier to face and navigate, but the long-lasting benefit of learning to trust yourself as your own advocate and guide extends to all facets of life.

Inspired By Nature

The True Nature Method draws on the intelligence of the natural world (of which we are part).

Participants in the True Nature Trail course ground and connect to the wisdom of nature in order to access their inner wisdom and strength, which will serve them as they rise to meet their challenge with confidence.