The Nature Effect™

Noun. “Using nature to provide balance to your routine and constant rejuvenation for your spirit.

Before you read any further, close your eyes and picture the most peaceful place you can imagine, and allow yourself a minute or two with that vision…

Were you outside? Wherever you went, you just had a glimpse into the peaceful yet invigorating experience of being in a beautiful place, a feeling most commonly experienced in nature.

The Nature Effect is dedicated to inspiring people to spend time in nature not just for its myriad health benefits, but just as importantly to connect to our sense of childlike wonder which never leaves us.

How does The Nature Effect apply to me?

We need look only so far as the sometimes hamster wheel-like routine of our busy lives to understand why the relaxation and rejuvenation found in nature can be so profound.

As your body, mind and spirit are energized because of your surroundings, your thoughts become clearer, and you ease into a feeling of being more at peace. This dynamic experience impacts both the conscious and subconscious mind, which is why its effects are lasting, especially if you seek a connection with nature on a regular basis.

Imagine gazing up at a night sky lit up by the dancing fluorescents of the Aurora Borealis. No matter your gender, age, ethnic background, religion, or beliefs, all of us would have the same reaction to such a sight: WOW! This is just one of many examples of how The Nature Effect has a universal impact and is common ground that can unite all of us.

Whether it is an experience as mesmerizing as witnessing the Northern Lights, or as something simple as a stroll down a trail in a nearby park, our innate appreciation of nature elicits a unique feeling; something a photograph just can’t do justice. This is because The Nature Effect goes well beyond what we see.

The sense of tranquility, and the soothing power of nature relaxes us. At the same time, the thrill of an amazing view or the fun of exploring a beautiful place energizes us. In this way, time in nature not only provides balance for our routine, but it opens the door to an experience that rejuvenates the spirit.

Reconnect to your Childlike Spirit

The Nature Effect represents not only the powerful “effect” the great outdoors can have on your life, but it also encompasses human nature.

Part of what comprises your natural state of being is the desire to explore the world around you through the same lens you had as child, one characterized by awe and wonder.

The Nature Effect is our way of reminding you that this childlike curiosity never leaves, and the more that you pay attention to it, the more fulfilled you will be.

The real way to experience this is to go outside and start noticing more than you did before, and consider doing so through the eyes of your four-year-old self.